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Ralf Heinrichs - Germany

I want to thank JPC for almost five years of great service. Buying cars and handling large sums of money requires a lot of trust to a partner. When I started to build my Youngtimer Collection in 2011 by buying a Mercedes 560SEC at the Japanese Auctions, it was not my plan to build a collection. I was in the market for a 560 Coupe in Germany and seeing most of the low mileage cars in great condition were „from the far east“. So I decided to try it myself. After weeks of internet research, I decided to take the risk and sent 100.000Yen, close to 1000Euros at that time, to JPC for registration. Then the money for the car. Doing this for the first time with people you do not know is a strange feeling.
Everything went great and without complications. And the car really did arrive in Germany in a condition as promised. Meanwhile I have bought a dozen cars through them, because there always seems to be an attractive car that appeals to me at the auctions. I recommend to have the cars checked by their staff before bidding for a small fee, so there should not be any unwanted surprises. Right now I use this beautiful BMW 540i as a daily driver....straight out of Tokyo of course and as I write this a 1990 750i with only 49.000 documented kilometers is on the ocean heading to Bremerhaven and into my Cologne garage....
Ralf Heinrichs


Timothy C McWilliams - UK

I received my car about a week ago. I am very pleased with it and am very glad I decided to purchase it. Thank you for the assistance you provided me.
Very Respectfully,
Timothy C McWilliams, UK