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How to buy to Europe guidance

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Step 1

REGISTRATION - please go through a simple registration in our system. It is FREE and will allow you to control your deposits, auctions, bids and payment.

Step 2

CHOOSE/BID - In order to be able to start bidding and purchasing cars right away, you are required to make a deposit of 100,000 JPY or equivalent of 1,000 USD (United States Dollars). This deposit will be added to your account and discounted from you when we send you the final invoice.

Car Price Deposit % for car price
0 - 1 mln. JPY 100.000 JPY
1 - 3 mln. JPY 10%
3 - 5 mln. JPY 15%
5 - 8 mln JPY 20%
8 - 10 mln JPY 25%
10 - mln. JPY 30%

About deposits for non-running cars, please contact sales consultants.


You can make your deposit via:


    PayPal is an internationally recognized secured payment method enabling on-line shoppers from all over the world to make a fast, safe, guaranteed payments on-line. Being a corporation owned by eBay its reputation is built upon security and payment safety. Depending on your bidding budget please chose the amount to pay via PayPal. We can confirm it within 10 - 15 minutes after you send it (day time only). Please send your payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    *Please note that there is a 4% PayPal commission of the transfer amount payable in addition to the deposit amount and will not be added on "Total deposit" in the "My Account"


    Money Gram is one of the international money transfer services. You can use a fast and easy money transfer service through Money Gram network of 207,000 local agents across 190 countries and territories. www.moneygram.com

    Recipient: Masayuki Fujiwara (President of JPC TRADE CO.,LTD.)


    Please make your bank transfer using details below. Please note that it takes 2 - 3 days to confirm your transaction

    Branch Name: FUKAGAWA
    Branch Code: 446
    Swift Code: MHCBJPJT
    Bank Address: 2-36-16 EITAI, KOUTOU-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN
    Tel: +81 (0)3-3642-4111
    Account No.: 1787962
    Receiver Name: JPC TRADE CO.,LTD.

    Customer pays transaction fee cost.

Step 3

MAKE FULL PAYMENT - The next day after purchase, the pro-forma invoice will be available on your personal page in our system. Payment should be done within 5 working days. Days are counted from the next working day from the day of purchase.

Step 4

SHIPPING - As soon as we confirm your full payment being received, we start arranging shipment process. Shipment will be done on RoRo (Roll-on/Roll off) shipment. As per your request container shipment can also be organized. After, we will dispatch all the required documents to receive the car via expedited courier services (EMS, DHL, FedEx, UPS).

Step 5

RECIEVE YOUR VEHICLE - You are now ready to pick your car at your destintion port. Please make sure you bring all the required documents.

TAX and Duties in UK For Customs entry handling into UK and release form the shipping line, you will need to have surrendered the Original Bills of Lading for the cars, a copy of the export CIF commercial invoice for the car, and a copy of the Japanese de-registration document. UK customs duties are normally based on 10% of CIF value with VAT at 20%, all payable before release of the car. Clearing agent fee negotiated individually.

Partner Clearing Agent in UK
Tom Steel
Unit 6 Station Drive
Tel: +44 (0)1684 774 008
Mob: +44 (0)7552 607 263
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Scratch or crack ; A1 2-3 cm , A2 < 10cm ; A3 > 10cm
C Corrosion (bad rust)
S Rust
U Dent; U1 dimple, U2 < 10 cm; U3 > 10 cm; B is sometimes used instead of U
AU Scratch and Dent; can be combined with numbers
W1 Repainted as good as new condition
W2 Repainted and repainted in good condition
W3 Repainted but the surface finish is bad
Y Crack; Y1 2-3 cm, Y2 < 10 cm; Y3 > 10 cm
X Part exchange history


S The car is less than 1 year old from the first registration date and mileage less than 10 000 km. The car is in perfect condition as new
6 The car is less than 3 years old from the first registration date and mileage less than 30 000 km. The car is in perfect condition as new
5 The Car has mileage less than 50 000 km. There are may be some minor scratches and marks on the body
4.5 The Car has mileage less than 100 000 km. There are more minor scratches and marks on the body than grade 5
4 The Car has mileage less than 150 000km. The Car may have scratches/scraps and possible minor dents on the body
3.5 The Car may have noticeable scratches/scrapes and/or dents, also may have some rust or corrosion on the body. Car may need some repairs
3 The Car has more noticeable large scratches, paint stains, and/or big dents, rust and corrosion. This car mostly requires more repairs than 3.5 grades
2 Very poor condition
1 A. Engine doesn’t work properly, has damages B. Flood damage; C. Fire damage
RA Repaired car after accident.
R Repaired car
*** Accident car or; Engine may no work


A The car interior in excellent condition as new
B The car interior is in excellent condition, may have some wear mark, may need light cleaning
C The car interior is in good condition and may have some burns, cracks, glue stains on dashboard, screw holes etc.
D The car interior is in bad condition, may require repair and cleaning. Interior may smell.
E The vehicle interior is in very bad condition and will require comprehensive repair. Interior may smell
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need to deposit money and is it refundable?

--This deposit gives you full access to all the auctions and it is refundable at anytime before you actually buy a car.


2.How much is the minimum deposit amount?

--Bidding deposit
-Y100,000 for cars up to Y999,999 in value;
-10% for cars JPY 1,000,000 to Y3,000,000 in value;
-Over Y3,000,000 - to be discussed on a car by car basis;


3.Can I cancel my bid?

--Yes, you can. Before 2 hours from actual time. You will not incur any penalty.


4.What if I cancel my purchase?

--There will be a penalty equivalent to your deposit.


5.How can I make payments?

--There are three options of making payments:
- via Bank Telegraphic Transfer
- via PayPal System
- Money Gram


6.How long does it take to receive the car from Japan at my port in NZ?

--It takes about 15 - 25 days. You can check shipment schedule here.


7.Do vehicles go through technical checks and inspections before shipping?

--Yes, all cars go through technical inspections by authorized independent inspection companies MAF and JEVIC before shipping.