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  • Safe Trade is a secure payment system offered by JUMVEA.

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How to buy guidance


REGISTRATION- please make a simple registration in our system. It is FREE and will allow you to control your deposits, auctions, bids and payment.


CHOOSE/BID- In order to be able to start bidding and purchasing cars right away, you are required to make a deposit of 100,000 JPY or equivalent of 1,000 USD (United States Dollars). This deposit will be added to your account and discounted from you when we send you the final invoice. You can make your deposit via:

  • Paypal

    PayPal is an internationally recognized secured payment method enabling on-line shoppers from all over the world to make a fast, safe, guaranteed payments on-line. Being a corporation owned by eBay its reputation is built upon security and payment safety. Depending on your bidding budget please chose the amount to pay via PayPal. We can confirm it within 10 - 15 minutes after you send it (day time only). Please send your payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    *Please note that there is a 4% PayPal commission of the transfer amount payable in addition to the deposit amount and will not be added on "Total deposit" in the "My Account"

  • Money Gram

    Money Gram is one of the international money transfer services. You can use a fast and easy money transfer service through Money Gram network of 207,000 local agents across 190 countries and territories. www.moneygram.com

    Recipient: Masayuki Fujiwara (President of JPC TRADE CO.,LTD.)

  • Bank transfer

    Please make your bank transfer using details below. Please note that it takes 2 - 3 days to confirm your transaction

    Branch Name: FUKAGAWA
    Branch Code: 446
    Swift Code: MHCBJPJT
    Bank Address: 2-36-16 EITAI, KOUTOU-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN
    Tel: +81 (0)3-3642-4111
    Account No.: 1787962
    Receiver Name: JPC TRADE CO.,LTD.

    Customer pays transaction fee cost.


MAKE FULL PAYMENT- Upon successful purchase of the car you bid on, we will issue an invoice asking for the full payment. Please pay using one of the above mentioned methods that are the most suitable for you.


SHIPPING- After we confirm your full payment being received, we will dispatch all the required documents to receive the car via expedited courier services (DMS, DHL, FedEx, UPS)


RECIEVE YOUR VEHICLE- You are now ready to pick your car at your destintion port. Please make sure you bring all the required documents.

FOB Charges

When you review cars at Car Auction Search you see Car Price & FOB Charges separately. Please note that FOB Charges are different depending on the car. FOB Charges means all expenses in Japan and includes the following:

  • Agency Fee

    Agency fee includes all auction fees, sales taxes, our commission, car export documentations, logistics fees, and other expenses in Japan. If you buy more than 2-3 cars then you can have good discount. The more you buy the less you pay Agency Fee.

  • Inland Transportation Fee from 4,000 JPY ~

    It varies depending on the location of the Auction house. Please note that car price in distant auction house may be much cheaper than close auction house. Please check Inland Transport Fee Table.

  • Documents Courier (DMS, DHL, FedEx, UPS)

    We will send all necessary car documents via Express Postage to you.

  • Maritime Insurance

    It depends on prices of cars, ocean freight, etc. Please inquire your sales consultant for more info if you require marine insurance.