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A.H. - New Zealand

I've always been interested in importing my own car from Japan, but never really knew where to start. Then I found the JPC Trade website and i've never looked back. The website was very clear with great information. I made a quick enquiry with a few questions and it was promptly answered by Keima. I took the punt and signed up and within a few weeks, had found the exact car I was after and for a great price. The whole process, from confirmation of car details, inspections, shipping and delivery has been seamless. The car arrived and I was very happy with the condition. You can't always tell from the photo's, but the car was in excellent condition. The whole process was so easy that I decided to buy a second car shortly after and have been more than happy with that one too. I would highly recommend to anyone not sure about buying though the JPC team. Thank you Keima and JPC Trade!!

James - New Zealand

Thanks William
The fees are not significantly different enough that I would consider shifting my business from IBC.
Best regards

J.C. - New Zealand

Hi Keima,
Thank you so much for the car it is great. It past all the compliance and drives like a dream. My friend will enjoy it for years to come. Thank you so much for your amazing service and all the help you gave us along the way. I hope you continue to have great success in your business as you are so good to deal with.
All the best and I will be sure to tell my friends about your company and your cars.
Thanks again

B.Z. - New Zealand

This is my first car import by JPC TRADE. Ozawa was very kind and professional. Car arrived in very good condition, same as the auction sheet. No problem at all, easy to pass the complaints. JPC website is also very easy to use, much better than other agent website. I will import another car again soon from your guys.

M.M. - New Zealand

Thank you so much to Keima and the Team at JPC trading to help us find our his and hers minis.
We researched about 6 month before deciding to embark on buying a car direct from the Japanese auctions. JPC was recommended to us by a friend that also purchased his vehicle from JPC and was very happy. Still, we compared about 5 direct importers before we selected JPC. Keima-San from JPC took the time to call us and consult us on our needs absolutely obligation free. Keima-San who lived in New Zealand spoke excellent English and was quick to grasp what we were looking for. Compared to others, he provided us with the best upfront information and installed confidence that our expectations will be met.
Once we started, Keima-san made the process a breeze, he took care of all bidding, paperwork and the booking for international shipping. After our purchase using the JPC customer interface I was able to track the cars every step of the way until arrival at the local compliance center. Both cars came in better condition as expected and thanks to Keima-sans excellent advice during car selection compliance was very simple.
Keima-San provided fantastic service, before, during and even after the car arrival and made it a wonderful experience.
We look forward to next time.

K.S. - New Zealand

The car condition 100% meet my expectation, but the price slightly higher than I expected. I am very happy to buy from JPC trade, the car condition is in excellent condition. Keima is also very friendly and very helpful to answer all my questions.

N.K. - New Zealand

It was first time importing a car from Japan, I did not know how it works, Mr Keima Ozawa helped me from beginning to the end. Now I have this car and love it, conditions are fine, and was much cheaper than buying it in NZ.
After all it wasn't much work to do as JPCTRADE arranged everything pretty much!

P.S. - New Zealand

Car came in on time just took the ports some time to processes it but thats on them. cars were as advertised. which was a good surprise. Also I have to say this is the best car ive driven in a long time :)
Thank you JPCTRADE and Keima for doing this!

C.L. - New Zealand

The car and the service from JPC Trade were both excellent. I will buy again next year.

Andrew Crow - New Zealand

Akio san, Here are the photos of my J53 Jeep. As you can see I have now got it on the road with license plates and warrant of fitness after it was tested by the Automobile Association. All rust has been cut out and repaired and new paint on the car, also a new sun-top for summer driving. The process to buy the car at auction and ship to New Zealand was made very easy with your help. Once the car was here it took longer than I would have liked but there was repairs needed so that took the time. I am very happy with the out come and will recommend JPCTrade to my friends and family.
Ososeirimasu Akio
Andrew Crow, New Zealand

Y.G. - New Zealand

Very good service and easy to deal.Car was as good as described in auction papers

Scot Graham - New Zealand

Hello Akio, a big thanks to you and rest of the team at JPC trade for helping with the purchase of the VW Golf. The whole process was surprisingly easy and we managed to get the car we wanted for the price we wanted. We will definitely be using your services again.
Kind regards,
Scot Graham, New Zealand

P.S. - New Zealand

always happy with condition very tidy very clean exactly as advertised and fantastic feed back from kemia

S.L. - New Zealand

Car was very good condition and very fast , very happy

Andrew - New Zealand

Hello Akio san,
My Mitsubishi J53 Jeep is at its final stage of restoration and getting a new paint, all the body repairs and mechanical repairs are done and has been safety checked and passed. Once the paint is done I can get it registered and a warrant of fitness to drive it on the road. I will send you pictures of the completed car. Although it has been 4 months to get it to this stage I am very happy with the result.
Many Thanks

Val Rendle - New Zealand

Hello Akio san,
The Toyota Auris arrived very quickly and was delivered to the compliance center the day after the ship arrived. I collected it the next working day. As expected it was in good condition and only needed a set of new tyres and one new shock absorber to pass inspection.
It was originally intended for my daughter, but my wife likes it so much she took it instead. I will soon contact JPC again and look for another car for my daughter. In the meantime my daughter has to drive my wife's old car.
Best Regards,
Val Rendle

H.C.D. - New Zealand

Both of these cars were very good and we're in same condition as auction sheet

Mr. Roy - New Zealand


Kelly Li - New Zealand

Just wanted to shout out to Murata from JPCTrade for being so amazing with my purchase. The customer service is amazing and i've always had great speedy response. Not only have i bought my dream car, but have also made a friend in Japan =).I love my car very much and it's exactly like how it's advertised. Everything is perfect. I love it!
Thanks JPC TRADE! Thanks Murata!
Octobe, 2015

The Wright Family - New Zealand

Hi Akio
We are very happy with our car and the service we have had from JPC & yourself in particular.
The Wright Family
September, 2015


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