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Company Profile

Office Building
JPC Trade was established in 2003 and currently is one of the most active Japanese used cars exporter. We export a wide range of vehicles, both left and right hand drive, all around the world. Located at the heart of Tokyo, we can easily access all major car auctions, car dealers as well as shipment facilities. This makes us efficient and allow us to deliver top notch service to our valued customers.
Group Company
Japan Carrier:
JCPACK is an export outsourcing service working closely with JPC Trade. It aims to serve a wide range of clients in the car industry export. Service is provided to small and medium size exporters to support all their transportation,maintenance/inspection, documentation and exportation process needs.
NODA yard, close to USS Tokyo, provides a range of services with reasonable prices. Services such as repairs, panel work, painting, inspection, photos, battery charge, Ozone deodorizer and many more are available to all our customers.