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Q. How can I start getting cars with JPC Trade Co.,Ltd. ?
A. If you are a first-time buyer, please follow the next steps.
A: Be in touch with a sales manager
You can reach out our sales team simply registering or sending an inquiry on our website: https://www.jpctrade.com Registration is easy and free.
B: Advance payment or guaranteed deposit
Once you are ready and understand about car requirements according to company rules please arrange transfer for the initial deposit. Once deposit confirmed it will be reflected on your personal page and you can start bidding.
C: Final Installment and documents release
Once you make the full payment after car purchase, JPC Trade will send all necessary documents via DHL, EMS to release the car in the destination port.
Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. Currently, we are accepting telegraphic transfers (T/T) to our bank account, Paypal, local NZD account, transferwise.
Q. How long does it take for my car to arrive?
A. Depending on destination port it takes between 4 to 8 weeks. For further detailed information please ask your sales manager
Q. Is it possible to purchase left hand steering wheel auto from your company?
A. Yes, we have experience to buy left hand cars like Benz, BMW, Porsche to out esteemed customers.
Q. Can I cancel my purchase?
A. Yes, it is possible. But some charges will be occurred depending on time of cancellation and resell process.
Q. Do you check cars before shipping them?
A. We make sure that condition of the car before shipping matches to auction sheet. We have Noda yard https://en.tokyocarauctiongarage.com/ , where we can do additional inspection of the car like check for rust, damages, oil leaks, etc.
Q. Can you about market price of the automobile?
A. Our salesmen using data from each auction can provide you with the average prices of each car as well as recent statistics of the last 3 months.
Q. How can we trust JPC Trade will find good car for me?
A. As we have long-term relationships with local dealers, auto auctions we assist you to provide with the best possible options.
Q. I need spare parts for purchased car? Can you put inside the car?
A. Please be aware shipping companies do not allow anything to be shipped inside the vehicles. Only container shipping is ok as well we can support to send via international post like DHL, EMS, Fedex.
Q. Can you purchase cars which are not listed in your web site?
A. We have good connections with local dealers and try to find the auto you are looking for.
Q. I want to purchase a car and use it in Japan?
A. Yes, we can assist you with purchase from either auction or fix price. We assist you with registration of the car in Japan.
Q. Can you assist with pre-shipping inspections?
A. For some countries it is a requirement to do inspection like JEVIC, EAA, etc. We can assist with any pre shipping inspections, but please contact your local government office to recheck if any pre-shipment inspections are required.
Q. What is the difference between bank transfer and paypal?
A. Bank transfer can take 2-3 working days to be reflected in your personal account. Paypal is fast, within 5 minutes can be transferred and approved, but fees are expensive and exchange rate is low.
Q. How do you ship cars?
A: Either RoRo vessels (Roll-on/roll-off) where vehicles are driven directly onto it and secured to the car decks or into containers.
B: We can manage to put and fix 2 small cars like Vitz into 20 FT container. Usually our dealers use 40 HC container and depending on cars size can do vanning for 5-6 units.
Q. Which vehicles does JPC Trade Co., Ltd. supply?
A. We can purchase and deal with a wide variety of vehicles, such as cars, buses, trucks,excavators, any kind of machinery.
Q. Why should I choose JPC Trade Co.,Ltd. ?
A: We can support in English, Mongolian, Burmese, Bahasa, Sinhala, Russian,Ethiopian, French, Germany, Swahili languages.
B: User friendly and easy system.
C: Car Sourcing with support of experience sales manages.
D: Fast Shipping
E: Financial Support if needed.
F: Existence of Noda yard, where additional inspection can be done. Location is near USS Tokyo.


Q. How fast can you ship cars?
A. We will arrange the shipment as soon as we confirm the full payment.
Q. The time of delivery?
A. The delivery time is about two to six weeks depending on the destination, space of vessel, season and countries.
Q. Receiving my documents?
A. The delivery time is about two to six weeks depending on the destination, space of vessel, season and countries.
Q. Receiving my documents?
A. Once the vessel leaves from the port in Japan, the shipping company will issue the shipping documents (B/L). we will send you all of the necessary documents by air courier with tracking number
Q. Receiving my vehicle?
A. When the cars are about to arrive at your location, the shipping company will contact you directly by phone or fax about the arrival date. Please bring all of the necessary document (from us) to custom before you pick up the cars.
Q. Necessary Documents?
A. 1) B/L Bill of Lading
2) Export Certificate
3) Invoice
4) Marine insurance on your request
5) JAAI inspection sheet if necessary.
Q. How fast can you ship cars?
A. We will arrange the shipment as soon as we confirm the full payment.
Q. I want more images and video of the cars available in stock?
A. All images and videos for the vehicle you wish to purchase from our stock list are available upon request. Not all images are uploaded in an effort to keep our website as light and speedy for you as possible. Kindly send us an inquiry for the vehicle you wish to see more images of, and will get back to you as soon as possible.
Q. What is the final CIF price to my country? What are the charges included in it?
A. You can use our Total CIF calculator to calculate the approximate CIF price to your destination port and country. The exact freight and insurance charges will be mentioned in the proforma invoice as per the latest available rates. The CIF Price includes the cost of the vehicle, all inland charges in Japan such as Auction Fee, Transportation, Inspection (if required by the country of destination), custom clearance, insurance and Freight to your destination. You can use our Total CIF calculator to calculate the approximate CIF price to your destination port and country. The exact freight and insurance charges will be mentioned on the proforma invoice as per the latest available rates (rates tend to change on a daily basis with exchange rate fluctuations. We try our best to keep our calculator program up to date to reflect prices as close to the actual price as possible).
Q. What are Discounted Vehicles?
A. Vehicles available on discount at a price lower than the original price are discounted or Best Offer vehicles. Do not miss the chance to grab vehicles available at much lower prices compared to the original price as they may be limited time offers.
Q. What does Clearance Sale means? How is it different from the Discounted stock?
A. Vehicles available for sale at low prices during clearance of the stock. Stock Clearance is carried out when new stock is to be sourced and old stock is to be sold out. You can get good condition vehicles at very low cost during a clearance sale. Heavy discounts are available during such times.
Note: Beware of any fraudulent emails or calls in our name. You can contact us directly for verification anytime. You can find our contact details under the Contact Us tab.


Q. What do you mean by One Price ?
A. One Price Stock also commonly known as Fixed price stock, No Bargain Stock are the vehicles available from different sources at particular price that are not negotiable. These vehicles are already at average prices and can be sourced through JPC Trade Co.,Ltd..
Q. Can we get more vehicle images & information?
A. In case of the one price stock the necessary images are displayed along with the inspection sheet. One price data is huge and not possible to show all vehicle photos. You can inform us for the vehicle you like to buy and we will get you more details and photos of the vehicle.
Q. What if the required vehicle is not available in the One Price stock?
A. Do not worry!! JPC Trade Co.,Ltd. provides you access to our Stock and Auctions as well to find your required vehicles. Still if you are not able to find your vehicles please provide us the details in the inquiry form. We will source you the required vehicle from the Japanese local Market.
Q. What is the payment condition?
A. Send us your inquiry for the vehicle you want to buy from One Price. Our staff will share the proforma with the price and vehicle specification. You can deposit the payment in our Japan Bank Account once you agree with the Proforma.
Q. Cannot find the vehicle I checked yesterday in One Price?
A. One price stock is updated on daily basis. It might be possible the vehicle you have checked yesterday is sold out and removed from the one price stock. You can check the other available vehicles and make inquiry for the required vehicle. We will reserve it for you.


Q. Why do buyers need to make a Deposit?
A. Your deposits are 100% Refundable. We require a deposit to ensure security on both the user and JPC Trade in order to confirm that there will be no last minute cancellations of bids or any fake/spam bid request.
In case the bid fails and we do not win the car, your deposit will be refunded or you can use the same deposit for your next bid.
Q. Is there a need for deposit to check vehicles in auction?
A. We grant you 100% Free Registration and access to Japanese car auctions. A deposit is required only at the point where you wish to bid on a vehicle. The deposit depends on the total price of the car(s) that you wish to bid for.
Q. How can I pay the deposit?
A. You can contact us for making the Deposit for Auction bidding. We will issue a specific invoice for the deposit to be paid.
Q. What are the payment conditions?
A. After a successful bid, please make full/agreed payment within 48 hours as per the invoice we will share with you. If payment is not made within 48 hours, the vehicle may be sold to another customer.
Q. What is Bid Price?
A. Bid price or "bid," is the highest amount a bidder/buyer is willing to pay at the auction for a particular vehicle.
Q. What if I can't find the vehicle I want to buy?
A. In the unlikely event that the vehicle you are looking for is not in the Auction please let us know your vehicle requirements and we will search the vehicle in the Japanese Market, other suppliers and other auction halls.
Q. How can I get the details of the cars and more photos?
A. For more vehicle details and photos of the required vehicles please contact us.