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Vehicles By Container

JPCTrade's Container Shipping Services, centered at our Noda Facility right by USS Tokyo, offers a seamless and efficient process for vehicle exportation. The journey of a vehicle from acquisition to delivery is meticulously managed by JPCTrade staff members, ensuring that each client's requirements are met with precision and care.

Container_Shipping Services
Container_Shipping Services

The process begins with the sourcing of vehicles, where JPCTrade's experienced team selects high-quality vehicles that meet the specific demands of the client. The selection is vast, ranging from economical compacts to luxury models, ensuring a match for every need.

Once sourced, the vehicles undergo thorough preparation for shipping. This includes a detailed inspection, cleaning, and any necessary maintenance to ensure that the vehicle arrives in the best possible condition. JPCTrade prides itself on the attention to detail during this stage, as it sets the foundation for a successful shipment.

The loading of vehicles onto containers is a skillful task, and JPCTrade excels in this area. The team is adept at loading both 20-foot and 40-foot containers, maximizing space while ensuring the safety of the vehicles. This process, known as vanning, is done with the utmost precision to prevent any in-transit damage.

Container_Shipping Services
Container_Shipping Services

Vanning is not merely about space utilization; it's a strategic process that considers weight distribution, securing points, and ease of unloading upon arrival. JPCTrade uses the latest techniques and equipment to secure vehicles within the containers, giving clients peace of mind that their vehicles are protected throughout their journey

Once the vehicles are securely vanned, JPCTrade manages the conveyance to the intended port destination. Whether the final stop is a nearby country or a distant land, JPCTrade coordinates with a network of shipping agents to ensure timely and safe delivery. Clients can expect their vehicles to arrive at any port across the globe, handled with the same consistency and reliability that JPCTrade is known for

JPCTrade’s Container Shipping Services at the Noda Facility exemplify a commitment to quality and client satisfaction. From sourcing to delivery, every step is executed with expertise, reflecting JPCTrade's reputation as a trusted partner in international vehicle shipping

Container_Shipping Services