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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

6 Reasons to choose JPC Trade

The reason why customers would like to purchase cars from us is that we can provide high quality vehicles and services. We collect our vehicles not only from car auctions but also from our network of dealerships, and private sellers. That's what other Japanese Exporters are not able to do.

20 Years in the Automobile Business

JPC Trade has a long history and is a reliable company. Please visit us and allow us to demonstrate our amazing hospitality when you come to Japan!

Many Opportunities

More than 100,000 used cars are sold at Japan Car Auction every week.


Buying through auctions is a much more affordable way to acquire a car than buying stock cars, on average resulting in direct savings of 20% on the total car price!

Highly Reliable System

Cars sold at auctions have been thoroughly inspected and all conditions can be easily determined based on the inspection sheets.

High Quality

All vehicles offered for auction vary by auction grade. Premium quality vehicles are available at competitive prices.

Buy with Confidence

With the experience of dealing with customers from more than 100 countries, we have been doing fair trade to build long-term relationships with our valuable customers.