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Understanding your Car Shipment at JPCTrade!

[22nd Nov, 2022]

Valued customers, we’d like to thank you for your continued patronage with JPCTrade: Your business and passion for Japanese Market Vehicles mean the world to us here at the JPC Team and we are thrilled to help guide you through this complex global trade system!

In an effort to increase customer transparency and understanding in the light of complicated international logistics issues, we would like to take the time to explain the shipping process here on the Japan side as your valued assets make their journey to your home port.

When you, together with your dedicated sales agent,  have gotten a car purchased, JPC will obtain your consignee and notify party information, shipping final destination, and we will then prepare the car for shipping at our automotive shipping yard, either at Japan Carrier facilities in Chiba Prefecture or at any relevant Port’s shipping yard across the whole of Japan. The stated goal of JPCTrade is for all of our customers is to get their purchased vehicle as fast as possible and we will do all that we can to facilitate this process, but in the world of international shipping there are elements which are out of our direct control and it is pivotal for your understanding and cooperation that this relationship be explained!

The primary point that we would like all customers to understand is that as an Automotive Export Company, we cannot guarantee the merchandise shipping times and cannot provide accurate information on freight delivery times until the actual freight booking has been made. 

Why is this? That comes down to the fact that JPCTrade, along with all other business parties engaged in shipping wholesale vehicles internationally are bound to the rules and regulations as laid out by the contracted carrier shipping company such as Maersk, Toyofuji, MOL, NYK, Eastern Car Liner, Hoegh Autoliners, and others. 

JPCTrade and its affiliate industry partners do not own any stake in actual shipping vessels operated by carriers, and are thus unable to dictate the scheduling, operational policy, or terms of service provided by these carrier companies. This is true of us here at JPCTrade as much as it is true of actual automotive companies such as Toyota, Nissan, and Honda, but we would like to elaborate in brief the process of what we do to facilitate shipping times so that freight berths can be can be acquired as fast as possible with our shipping teams. 

Once we know your shipping details, JPCTrade will be able to apply for your freight berth, so providing accurate consignment information with coordination of any relevant customs information on your receiving side as soon as possible will help us provide shipping to you as soon as possible!  If time is of the essence, please inquire about alternative shipping options with your representative!

Once we confirm this information, our application is submitted to the carrier company directly, and the matter is no longer in the control of JPCTrade from that point forward. Shipping berth assignment is determined by the individual carrier and is highly dependent on the status of global trade at that specific time; In so meaning, if there is a low supply of vehicles outbound globally from Japan then your vehicle will be more likely to have quick scheduling, but if there is a high supply of vehicles or a reduction in access of freight vessels to your port destination then it will take more time to secure booking.

Due to the uncertain nature of the global supply chain from the ground up, there is no way for JPCTrade to guarantee when your car will be shipped, and though we will do our utmost to quickly acquire shipping arrangements for you it is the expectation that all customers who enter business relations with JPCTrade will be aware of these conditions, and we recommend all customers read this information.

We strive to make our export business as transparent and legible as possible for our valued customers, and humbly ask for your understanding and cooperation in the light of a complex and challenging trade environment. If you have any further questions or concerns, please inquire with your service representative today!