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President Message

“ Commit to complete customer satisfaction. ”

Presidant Message

Masayuki Fujiwara


JPC Trade Co.,Ltd.

  • This is our Mission.

    Now, the internet has become commonplace for infrastructure and anyone can easily and instantly get any information from around the world.

    So what is required of us?

    JPCTRADE has exported 150,000 vehicles to more than 100 countries in the world ever since its foundation in 2003 as one of the most reputable used car exporting companies in Japan.

    However, nowadays the word of “Cross-border E-Commerce” is used in ordinary conversation and so the concept of the importing (purchasing) goods from overseas countries is being replaced with the concept of EC (Electric Commerce). Any barriers for the movement of goods including its information are now non existent. Apart from this, there are different regulations for importing and exporting in each country.

    So what are the solutions our customers expect from us from their point of view in such situations?

    I believe we are always expected to provide reliable and professional services to overseas customers who intend to purchase Japanese used cars which don’t always have standard quality.

    Hence for used cars the customers have multiple options to select a car dealer and therefore we need to deeply consider how to stand out among other car dealers.

    I believe the reason customers select JPC TRADE CO. LTD is that we continuously accomplish on our mission “Commit to complete customer satisfaction”

    We always need to think from the customer’s view point and to make the best efforts to provide valuable services with them.

    Our mission is to comprehensively satisfy customers by combining our original services for selecting used cars in good condition, providing repair services, inspection for cars, secure payment platforms and reliable logistics.

    We continue to seriously engage in this mission and try to expand our services to customers all over the world all in a company-wide effort.

    We look forward to a long lasting relationship.

  • Best Regards

    Mr. Masayuki Fujiwara