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Toyota Yaris New Model Launch

[30th Oct, 2019]

Toyota Yaris new model launch. The new-generation compact car surpasses its class by offering driving pleasure, the world's highest level of fuel efficiency, and advanced security and safety technology.

Toyota Motors unveiled the new model Yaris to the world. The new Toyota Yaris car is scheduled to go on sale in Japan starting in mid-February 2020. It will be exhibited at VenusFort in Odaiba, Tokyo during the Tokyo Motor Show 2019. The new Toyota Yaris car will also be displayed in showrooms throughout Japan from the end of October to December.

All-new Yaris

The 1st-generation Toyota Yaris was created in 1999 as a car that would serve as the global standard for compact cars by enlisting the full portfolio of Toyota's technological prowess. Toyota re-designed the platform and all major components, including the engine, transmission, and suspension to achieve generous cabin space and outstanding basic performance in a minimum size.

Vehicle Outline

1. A new-generation compact car with the platform, engine, transmission, Hybrid System, and suspension all built from the ground up.


The new model Yaris is Toyota's 1st car to adopt the TNGA platform (GA-B) for compact cars, which features a body developed to be lightweight and highly rigid with a low centre of gravity. The platform achieves both superior handling stability and a high-quality ride by shedding 50 kg in vehicle weight compared to the conventional model, increasing torsional rigidity by at least 30 per cent, and lowering the centre of gravity by 15 mm. It also delivers driving performance beyond its class by being agile yet Confident and Natural (the vehicle remains stable while driving yet responds naturally to the driver's intentions).

Toyota's new model Yaris makes world premiere

2. The condensed, clutter-free design looks ready to take off at a moment's notice, finally the interior expresses the comfortable atmosphere of a higher class cabin that allows the driver to concentrate on driving.

Exterior Design

The design concept is "B-Dash!" Be bold, brisk, and beautiful. The image is to dash off with nimble acceleration like a bullet. Toyota sought to create an exterior design that packs an abundance of power to make the car appear as if it's ready to take off at a moment's notice. The clutter-free cabin and compact shape that extends from the centre of the body to the front. While rear wheels express a design that suggests an active driving experience.

Similarly, the sharp styling of the headlights gives the face a fearless expression. The rear design to make heads turn by integrating the rear window. The rear-combination taillights into a new three-dimensional form.

Exterior Design

Exterior Color

Offered in 12 colours including the newly developed Ice Pink Metallic and Coral Crystal Shine. Also available in a total of six two-tone colour schemes paired with either a black or white roof colour.

Interior Design

Toyota Yaris new model launch with its amazing looking interior design. While clutter-free interior provides a spacious and comfortable atmosphere that allows the driver to concentrate on driving. The thin cross-section of the instrument panel gives it a wide impression.

Various features were adopted to express the quality of a higher-class interior, including hood-less dual digital TFT meters. A soft instrument panel, as well as a wider console and increased storage space.