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Customer's Testimonials

Thank you

The car is almost perfect! Need to fix the front bumped it is ruff. I am very happy with the car! Thank you very much for your help.
Mr. Gregory - Kelowna

The car's appearance and condition turned out to be even better then what I was expecting.

Received the car in Nelson (120 km away from my town) but the check up procedure and driving home took me of a whole day. Sending you some photos of the car. The car looks very nice. To my amazement it is much quit car.
Ayako Sato
New Zealand

Hi Akio, I am very happy with my second purchase from JPC Trade.

My first car from you Porsche 996 was in perfect condition, it has served very well. I believe will be same with BMW. I am happy and satisfied with JPC Trade service and I believe it's not my last purchase. I recommend JPC Trade to everyone to buy!

thank you very much for being faithful.

I take this opportunity to appreciate the management of JPC TRADE CO LTD. I have received my vehicles in a shortest period of time and the vehicles are in very good condition please keep it up.
Mr. Kasibante - David

Thank you all at JPC Trade for your assistance in buying a car from Japanese car auction.

The whole process was well organized and I especially appreciate that the costs were visible from the beginning. I will be using your services in the future as well!
Seppo Haapanen

Although it has been 3 months to get it to this stage I am very happy with the result.

My Mitsubishi J53 Jeep is at its final stage of restoration and getting a new paint, all the body repairs and mechanical repairs are done and has been safety checked and passed. Nice job for such a rare deal!
New Zealand

Thank you Murata,

You buy beautiful Corvette for me.

Keima-San who lived in New Zealand spoke excellent English and was quick to grasp what we were look

Compared to others, he provided us with the best upfront information and installed confidence that our expectations will be met. Once we started, Keima-san made the process a breeze, he took care of all bidding, paperwork till final destination!

I would like to send my thanks to JPC Trade for your high professionalism in consulting

With your help I could buy the car - Chariot Grandis in the best condition! I’m sending the pictures of Chariot Grandis with views of my country - Georgia on the background. I hope for our further collaboration!
Gela AivaziShvili

Hello Akio, a big thanks to you and rest of the team at JPC trade for helping with the purchase!

The whole process was surprisingly easy and we managed to get the car we wanted for the price we wanted. We will definitely be using your services again.
Scot Graham
New Zealand